Reprogram Your Limiting Beliefs about Love

Most of us have deep beliefs that we are not aware of that either help us or hinder us in the love department.  

In as little as one session, using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming techniques) we can discover the exact beliefs that have been limiting you & holding you back.


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“Josephine You are like a chiropractor for the heart, soul and mind… getting everything into alignment. So grateful for my work with you”

dr. elyse dubo

“Josephine has changed my life- it’s as simple and beautiful as that. From the moment we started working together, Josephine inspired my trust as well as my faith in her ability to teach me both how to heal and how to grow. I have had many mentors and great teachers in my life, but Josephine’s gifts have done more than move me forward, they have changed who I am, and they are giving me purpose, and I will always be grateful.”

Sandra Sheffield