The Program

Because When you Thrive in Love, you thrive in Life!

question for you...

Are you feeling disconnected from your partner?

Was it gradual over the years? Was it because of a deep hurt? Or a series of deep hurts?

Whatever the reason for growing apart, feeling disconnection & being disconnected causes stress in the body, mind, heart and spirit because we are designed to love and be loved.

We will eventually leave a relationship (either physically or emotionally) when the pain of staying IN the relationship is bigger than the pain of leaving it. 

We are also designed for pleasure so it’s STRESS on our nervous systems to stay in PAIN for prolonged periods of time. 

It’s not our fault… 

No one really taught us HOW to create healthy relationships, so we are out there literally winging it, trying different solutions and failing to create the long term, stable, peaceful and deeply connected, deeply desired relationship we long for. 

On top of not having healthy strategies to create healthy love, we often carry wounds from our past, either from our families or from other broken relationships which just amplifies the disconnection. 

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You know things need to change...

… you’re sick of

not being heard

… you’re sick of

not being validated

… you’re sick of

feeling alone

Frustrated because he won't help you fix this?

Sometimes the more we focus on what’s not working with him, the more things don’t work. Needing him to be on board with you if he is refusing will just make things worse and make your resentment grow within you and towards him. 

Pressure creates tension. 

Tension creates separation.

Separation (whether physical or emotional) only creates MORE separation.

it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine how it would feel to...

feel heard

and validated 

handle your triggers in

a healthy way 

reconnect quickly

after disagreements

& rekindle your intimacy


You deserve to be heard, seen and desired. When you thrive in love, you thrive in Life & I'm going to help you get there.


Live Your Best Love
Group Program

A 12 week group program where you’ll learn how create healthy love & relationships that work!

This program is NOT for women that:

This program is for women who:

The results speak for themselves...

“I had lost myself in my 30 year marriage. Now I have reconnected with myself and I’m more whole than ever before. We all are winning.”


For privacy reasons, real names and photos of our clients are not used

“I would like to tell you that my time with you has been beyond words. You are a miracle worker. I am a true new person for myself, and as a result for my partner.”


For privacy reasons, real names and photos of our clients are not used

Ready to thrive in love & life?

let's dig into the details

Here's how it all shakes out...


Recognize Your Relationship Pattern (Even if it's been years in the making)

  • Experience instant relief in your communication with each other
  • Discover & Reprogram your Love Blocking Beliefs (that you weren’t even aware were running the show)
  • Get Clarity on how your attachment style is affecting your relationship with him and get relief from the tension


Empowered through Deep Healing

  • Take Your Power Back & stop focusing on ‘fixing’ him
  • Discover & Let Go of your old patterns keeping you stuck
  • Sacred Womb Healing to release negative emotions
  • Discovering a whole new way of dealing with your triggers that empower you

module three

Re-opening Your Heart

  • Reconnect to your feminine spirit & power
  • Reconnect to your truth, essence & desires
  • Rediscover & embody your sensual, self assured YOU
  • Learn your unique masculine/feminine dynamic code
  • Operate from your Empowered Feminine & ignite your RECEIVE muscle


Create win/win Scenarios

  • Decode conflict with new tools
  • Navigate your fights towards win/win with greater ease
  • Lower your conflict ‘temperature setting’ back to normal
  • Focus on the message underneath & heal it


Emotional Mastery

  • Understand your emotional wave patterns 
  • Move towards secure attachment in yourself & with him.
  • Create the Emotional Safety Container for your relationship 


Pillars of Healthy Love

  • You can’t create a healthy relationship if you don’t know what that looks & feels like. 
  • Learn the stages of relationships and how mature love creates health on all levels
  • Learn to apply the pillars to your own new dynamic with him.

You're also going to get access to:







Ready to reconnect with him?

“You’re a lifesaver Josephine! I not only reconnected to myself but my marriage is on much more solid ground than ever and we’ve been together for 20 years! I wish I had found you right after my honeymoon”

Belinda C.

For privacy reasons, real names and photos of our clients are not used

“I was operating totally out of my masculine when I first came to you, now I feel so balanced and whole because I don’t feel like I have to do all the heavy lifting. My husband just re-gravitated towards me like magic, but I know it wasn’t. I did the hard work, but I couldn’t have done it without your guidance.”

JoyCelyn h.

For privacy reasons, real names and photos of our clients are not used

let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

Instant access to Live Your Best Love program
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Lifetime updates
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Private invitation to the Live Your Best Love FB Group FB Community
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When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $11,991,

but you can enroll today for a special investment of $4,777.



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our happiness guarantee

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You have up to 10 days to opt out of the program. 

Josephine Carmela is an award-winning, transformational Empowerment & Relationship Coach.

She helps female entrepreneurs achieve breakthroughs in their personal growth and development by helping them successfully navigate love relationships, in order to experience healthier love, harmony and fulfillment. 

She is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Coach, Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner and Relationship Coach. Josephine follows principles of somatic psychology for a “body-mind-spirit-emotion” holistic approach to enable transformation for her clients, that draws on her training in multiple disciplines including Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Dance Movement Therapy, Body Mind Centering, Kinetic Awareness, Health coaching and Relational modalities. 

Josephine is the 2017 Recipient of the Body Mind Award from Brilliant Minded Women’s Organization. In 2016 she co-authored a book with New York Times Bestselling Authors Marci Shimoff, Chris and Janet Attwood, and appears in the Living Legacy Project honouring exceptional Canadian women. She is also the founder of The Modern Love Project which empowers the principles of conscious communication, emotional resilience, and masculine/feminine dynamics. 

Josephine is on a mission to help women create healthier love and relationships that work. 


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

I know you’re tired. I know you feel like the burden is on you to make things better. But love is worth fighting for. Yes, there IS pain in relationship but there is also healing in relationship. 


When you thrive in love, you thrive in LIFE!

So, Don’t Give Up on Love…

Just Learn to do it better. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shifting you shifts how you relate in all of your relationships. Relationships are about energy dynamics and the more you heal your own wounds on your side of the street, the more attractive you become to yourself and your partner. The more you loosen up the protective hold on your heart, the more love that can come in.

Healthy relationships start with healthy self love.

Yes! The program is designed to teach one aspect at a time with enough time to integrate and practice. We will spend a full 2 weeks on each section so you make these new habits normal. 

Healing is natural. Contrary to popular belief, healing doesn’t have to be dramatic. 

You may have attracted/experienced drama/trauma in your relationships in the past but you can stop & pivot, heal and expand to call in healthy love even when things have gone way off track.

Healing is not a hard arduous path, healing can be a beautiful journey back home and I’ll be guiding you every step of the way.

Relationships do go through cycles however if your needs are not being addressed and you are disconnected with your partner, this is not healthy. It may be the norm out there these days but it is not serving us.

Healthy Love is the holy grail for relationships. Hollywood sold us a lie- drama (and trauma) in relationships is not supposed to be the norm. Drama sells movies but in your own life it causes stress. Drama is trauma.

Investing in your relationship health is like investing in your retirement plan!

No questions, I'm ready for this!


You are so ready for this journey.

…and I’ll be with you every step of the way! 

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