We are all born with a beautiful essence. It is the truth of who we are. 


Throughout the course of our experiences in our lives we often lose sight of this essence, sometimes it even gets lost and our truth often gets pushed aside.  We make concessions, we let others take the reigns, we give away our power, we say yes when we mean no.  Each time that happens we shrink a little inside and sometimes we shrink so much that it’s hard to recognize who we’ve become, sometimes we cannot figure out how we got there. 


We may believe that others know better than we do.  We may believe that we are not worthy. We may carry shame that hinders us from seeing our true beauty. 


We may have had experiences that forced us to shut down our essential gifts and talents. Each time we stray away from our truth, that inner knowing, that inner respect, we go further away from our peace and joy in life.  We stop fully loving ourselves.


Let’s reclaim her!


This technique combines dance and healing. It allows you to re-connect and re-integrate to your inner guidance and intuition. It allows you to explore your body’s natural wisdom and supports deep transformation.

“there is no greater journey than coming back home…to your feminine body wisdom”

josephine carmela