Conscious Conflict in Relationship

Conflict is Inevitable…

Learn to make win/win happen

so your relationship can thrive

instead of dive

question for you...

Are highly successful couples immune to conflict and never disagree with their partners?

Absolutely not…they DO have conflicts…sometimes quite a bit…. 

So what do highly successful couples do after a fight that the rest of us don’t?

What they have figured out- and it’s a crucial KEY – is HOW to repair and they do it FAST. Basically, they know how to soothe themselves and their partners which leads to more emotional safety within their union.

We all need to be seen, heard, and validated. When we are not, we don’t feel safe and it often leads to conflict with those we love. We either confront our partner from a place of wounded pain or shut down. Both of these strategies lead to disconnection and the erosion of the relationship. 

We are born to love and be loved. We are wired for it. Conflict is inevitable in a union so here-in lies the dilemma and vicious cycle. We want to be connected yet we don’t know how to manage conflict effectively so that we can feel connected after a fight.

What do we do then?

Give up on Love? Accept status quo? Leave and hope the next time will be better? 

Don’t give up on Love… just learn to do it better.

This ebook will show you how to create emotional safety so you can create healthy love and relationships that work. 

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You know things need to change...

… you’re sick of

not being heard

… you’re sick of

not being validated

… you’re sick of

feeling stuck & disconnected

it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine how it would feel to...

… feel heard

and validated 

… handle your triggers in

a healthy way 

… reconnect quickly

after disagreements


Conscious Conflict

Embracing Conflict to Re-connect to your Partner

This easy to follow ebook is your guide to understanding the ins and outs of conflict and how to use them to build stronger, more mature, connected and healthy relationships. Keep reading because I go into detail about what I cover.

let's dig into the details

Here's how it all shakes out...

chapter ONE

Signs your relationship is in trouble

Recognizing the subtle signs that you’re disconnecting from each other can put you in prevention mode vs. the damage-control stage.

chapter TWO

Decoding & Navigating Conflict

When we fight, we are not feeling heard, seen or safe enough. Learning how to navigate the deeper issue helps you create healthy love dynamics. 

chapter three

Understanding the Anatomy of a Fight

No matter what the topic is, there is a common pattern to every fight. Learning what happens in our brain, empowers you to understand and empathize vs. add more fuel to the fire. 

chapter four

Understanding Triggers

Conflict is rarely what it appears to be on the surface. Usually it signifies the underlying wounds that we’ve come into the relationship with. Learn how to shift the focus and deal with the real issue. 

chapter five

The Many Masks of Anger

Expressing anger is often easier than expressing a more vulnerable emotion, especially when we don’t feel safe. Learn which anger mask you’re wearing and protect your love. 

chapter six

Understanding the Gift of Conflict

Conflict done well can actually bring you closer. Couples who take this perspective build healthy loving relationships that can stand the test of  ‘stress’ over and over. 

chapter seven

Creating Emotional Safety

Literally the magic elixir that power couples learned how to create as a foundation. This is like relationship ‘glue’ that gets you both on the same team and deeply connected. 

chapter eight

Setting Relationship Intentions

We tend to think happy relationships just happen and some people must be luckier. Not true. They are created day by day,  given the right priority and intentioned.

Ready to change the way you RESOLVE conflict?

“Was so easy to read & packed with potent and compact content so I felt like I could not only digest the info but apply it because it wasn’t overwhelming or a space filler like other ebooks tend to be. I would recommend this ebook to anyone who is stuck in a pattern of having the same argument over and over and tells herself she will stop but can’t. Precious info”

jessica a. nyc

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“I finally understand why I get triggered. I actually see that this has been a long standing pattern for me and now I can have more compassion for myself and my hubby. He was relieved when I explained it to him.”

CYNDY B. Paris

For privacy reasons, real names and photos of our clients are not used

Hey there,

I'm Josephine

I’m your guide to helping you create win/win strategies for handling conflict in your relationships.  In my 10 years of helping men & women navigate relationships, I’ve learned that conflicts don’t have to bring your relationship down. I’m excited to present this ebook to you because learning what conflict is really about under the surface & repairing quickly puts you on track for creating healthy love and relationships that work,  which is what we all really want and need at the end of the day! Take your power back & connect with your partner instead of disconnect.  Feel free to drop me a line here if you need any support. 

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“I wish I knew this information a lot sooner. My husband and I could have saved ourselves many years of staying stuck in the same old arguments. We just learned to avoid each other but now we are actually resolving issues with a lot more compassion for each other.”

susan c. bc

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“I really thought my relationship was doomed before reading this book. I’ve come to understand how much I’ve been hurting and how I’ve been hurting my husband without even knowing that I was. Both of our reactions were on overdrive and this just kept pushing us more and more apart. Once I felt rejected I didn’t know how to come back to reconnect with him. Now I’m mending what feels like eons of deep wounds I didn’t even know were still there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Josephine. You’re an earth angel.”

sylvia j. FL

For privacy reasons, real names and photos of our clients are not used

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