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Your Hidden
Love Blocking Beliefs

Most of us have deep beliefs that we are not aware of that either help us or hinder us in the love department. In as little as one session, using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming techniques) we can discover the exact beliefs that have been limiting you & holding you back.

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FB Group

Join me in our private Live Your Best Love Facebook group. This is a safe, loving space to grow and learn how to be a better you in your relationship. I'll check in weekly to share tools and insights you can use in your interactions with others to help you create healthy love dynamics.

Live your BEST Love

This 6 week program is designed to help you reconnect with your partner to deepen your connection and increase passion & avoid the pain of separation/divorce or regain your self confidence to claim the love life you deserve. Includes weekly coaching calls and a private 1:1 30 minute session with me.

Healing Through Movement