The Power of Perspective

The Power of Perspective

One of the many things that I love about photography is the idea of perspective. Even slight shifts in angles can give you a whole new composition that provides a new perspective of seeing the image, of witnessing the story.

The beauty of photography is that no one angle is the correct angle… beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. What might seem beautiful to one person is not to another.

We can apply this concept when relating to others as well. Especially when dealing with a conflict. Each one of you has their own perspective. It’s normal to want the person we love the most or have committed to for our life to have the SAME perspective. This gives us the feeling of togetherness, connection, and safety… Yet this not possible ALL of the time. The beauty is that there is no right or wrong – we each see things a certain way based on our desires, beliefs, values, past experiences, past memories, and present situations.

We each have our individual perspective… as though seeing – or experiencing – the situation through a different lens or camera angle.

Being able to see your partner’s perspective is a skill. It does take EMPATHY and this skill can be learned by anyone. And it will greatly impact the way you resolve conflict.

If you try this and get stuck, get in touch with me. I’m here to support you. You can also come join me in my new Facebook group “Live Your Best Love” – a place to share and be inspired in a private, safe, welcoming environment

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