Relationship Repair

Power Session

Learn to make win/win happen

so your relationship can thrive

instead of dive

Use this 3 hour power session to breakthrough your trouble spot and create a strategy to transform! 

What you both will learn….

  • Why you do what you do, react the way you react, fight the way you fight, and communicate how you do.
  • How to bring awareness to your patterns.
  • How to lift boundaries that block connection and closeness.
  • How to navigate conflict in healthy and connective ways.
  • Create your customized Repair Strategy that creates a win/win for both of you
  • How to stand shoulder to shoulder in your relationships and ask for the same from your partner (current of future). 

“I had lost myself in my 30 year marriage. Now I have reconnected with myself and I’m more whole than ever before. We all are winning.”


Cynthia Cran

For privacy reasons, real names and photos of our clients are not used

“I would like to tell you that my time with you has been beyond words. You are a miracle worker. I am a true new person for myself, and as a result for my partner.”


Angie Richards

For privacy reasons, real names and photos of our clients are not used

Ready to change your relationship dynamic?

Hey there,

I'm Josephine


I’m your guide to helping you create win/win strategies for handling conflict in your relationships.  In my 10 years of helping men & women navigate relationships, I’ve learned that conflicts don’t have to bring your relationship down. I’m excited to present this ebook to you because learning what conflict is really about under the surface & repairing quickly puts you on track for creating healthy love and relationships that work,  which is what we all really want and need at the end of the day! Take your power back & connect with your partner instead of disconnect.  


$497 usd

One Payment


Don't Give Up on Love...

Learn to do it better. 

We all need to be seen, heard, and validated. When we are not, we don’t feel safe and it often leads to conflict with those we love. Learn how to create emotional safety so you can create healthy love and relationships that work.


Josephine Carmela

Empowerment & Relationships 

Award-Winning Transformational Coach

NLP Practitioner and Creator of Modern Love Project & “Feminology Workshop Series, Embodying our Fullest Potential as Modern Women

2017 Recipient of the Body Mind Award from Brilliant Minded Women’s Organization