Our Inner Child Needs Love too

Our Inner Child Needs Love too

Have you ever wondered why you can’t move forward in some areas of your life? Or why you sabotage yourself at times? Or why you feel anxious or judgemental of yourself so easily?

I’ve stopped being surprised whenever I discover how many of my ‘new’ wounds are tied to ‘old’ wounds and that is what inner child healing is about…

giving yourself permission to go back to the root of the hurt and heal it from the perspective of your inner little girl or boy. 

Inside each of us there’s an inner child that was once wounded. It’s easy to believe that if we don’t think about old drama and trauma on the daily that we must be ok from it, yet this is so far from the truth. SO often hurts from the past were never addressed effectively, either because as small children we didn’t have the right tools to process big emotions or our adults around us weren’t able to guide us through this.

We all need to be heard, seen and validated and very often as children we were not. As adults we have a unique opportunity to go back and honor the voice of our little child along with our mature perspective. It is not about revisiting all the things your parents did ‘wrong’ and getting angry at them. Simply put, that emotional energy is still stuck and we need to process those emotions at the level they were created.  


I often use this analogy with my clients.  Imagine that you move into a new house with a busy road outside your window. The sound of the cars zooming past makes you feel frustrated. This is a new sound to you so you’re super aware of the zooming of each car that passes. A week later, you might say that you don’t notice the noise any longer. Did the cars stop driving past on the road? 

No, you only ADAPTED to the sound. 


Our experiences from childhood are similar. Just because we don’t experience the same hurt today, it doesn’t mean it just went away. We learned to adapt and cope. 


That’s why Inner child healing is SO powerful. To me it’s sacred work because we get to the root of the problem, we release the stuck emotional energy and you take your power back. 

It has the ability to very quickly resolve emotions that are still buried and it can re-connect you to an innocence, joy and confidence that you knew in childhood and may not be experiencing today.


I’m CONSTANTLY AMAZED at the deep and profound healing that occurs with my clients. 

Things like…

I’m here to help you move past whatever is keeping you stuck so you can embrace incredible YOU!

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