finding YOU

healing YOU

loving YOU

to feel whole, confident & radiant

is this you?

Do you find yourself giving away your power to others by saying YES when you really mean NO?

Have you ever suffered from emotional trauma that left deep scars?

Are you having trouble finding and keeping relationships healthy?

And i'm here to help you change that.

Imagine feeling confident

Confidence is not about how well you look on the outside. Confidence is truly an inside-out job.

When we do our inner work, confidence is a natural organic expression of who we are and that makes us magnetic!

imagine feeling magnetic & sensual

When we are feeling whole and confident, we radiate! We live with our senses open and we magnetize people and opportunities to us.

For 12 weeks and 90 days we journey together in a private 1:1 client/coach experience where you heal trauma, reconnect with your essence and radiate love!

The Finding YOU, Healing YOU, Loving YOU program
is everything you need to:



What are those parts of you that you left behind? You became a career woman, wife, mother, caregiver. With new roles, did you leave your essence somewhere?

Time to bring her back!

PART two


Heal those experiences that left scars in you once and for all. You’ve been unknowingly carrying them around and they are weighing you down.  

PART three


Embody the art of Self Love. It’s easy to believe that we love ourselves. Yet, do we really make decisions for our best interest from this place? In this last segment, you’re learning to make loving yourself your ‘new normal’. 

are you ready?

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"So many new possibilities opened up for me"

I never understood the true meaning of feminine wisdom, nor did I feel I needed to spend time & energy on this area. Well, let me tell you and the world OMG, I cannot believe what opened up for me. I am a true new person for myself, honouring myself and loving who I am has opened me up to so many new possibilities.

ANja lavigne interior designer

"I claimed my wholeness as a beautiful woman"

I recommend Josephine as a most trusted & gifted woman of beauty whose life purpose is to help others connect with, deeply know, and embrace and claim their own beauty as women. She leads the way, as she is a most authentic example of how to lovingly let go, intelligently make new choices, and in light move on. I am grateful to Josephine for helping me claim myself, in my wholeness as a beautiful woman.

Dominique, New York

are we a good fit?

Should you join Finding YOU, Healing YOU, Loving YOU?  Is it a right fit for you?

We’re looking for a particular type of person, and you might be a match.

Let’s find out.

you are a great fit for Finding YOU, Healing YOU, Loving YOU if YOU:

my purpose and passion is to help inspire you to live your fullest life by releasing what is weighing you down, reconnecting with ALL of you, and radically shifting your relationship to yourself.

the time is now!

If you’re ready to stop playing small and start achieving everything you’ve ever wanted, I’m holding out my hand waiting for you to grab on.

are you ready?

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$2,997 USD


$1,298 USD