Creating Relationship Intentions

Creating Relationship Intentions

An intention is a vision that guides your activities, thoughts, attitudes, decisions and choices.

It requires focus, action and positive energy to manifest. It’s not an end destination – it’s MORE ACTIVE in the PRESENT than a goal.

We often believe that we can’t create change or make shifts in relationships because we cannot control another person. And while it is correct that we can’t control others, our relationships are not static. Our relationships are an exchange of dynamics that move and shift continuously.

VERY OFTEN when WE change what we CAN control, the dynamics within our relationships change.

Our relationships are meant to stretch us, teach us, expand us and help us grow into better versions of ourselves. Modern women want healthy love, yet no one handed us the roadmap on how to get there. The stresses and demands of modern life don’t help the situation. We spend so much of our time working on raising our kids, building our businesses and careers, being there for others… and we often expect our relationship to just manage itself.

We need to be INTENTIONAL with our relationship as well… this means mindfully creating the experience we want to have. Relationships don’t happen to us, we create them. A healthy vibrant relationship is created moment by moment. A rocky relationship is also created moment by moment. … Which would you choose if you had the choice? Well, great
news, you do have the choice!

We miss out on the incredible opportunity a healthy dynamic can provide for us if we don’t embrace the challenges we encounter within our emotional experiences. Relationships are our mirror – the highest purpose of being in a relationship is to become the highest version of ourselves, so therefore, we will attract what we need to learn.

Love is indeed sacred work. You owe it to yourself to treat it that way and reap the rewards! If you need some extra support in any way… just reach out to me… it’s confidential and complimentary.

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