Create Emotional Safety & Grow Strong

Create Emotional Safety & Grow Strong

Our brains are designed to spot danger, anything that can pose a potential threat. And while bears chasing us in the forest is not typical of the ‘danger’ our ancestors experienced, we are still wired this way.  Today, other threats loom… health, financial and emotional threats.

 In relationships the emotional threats are just
as alarming for our brains as physical threats

So if we are wired to spot danger and we are on the alert to look out for it and then pair that with us humans also being wired to love and be loved, kinda poses a conundrum… So what can we do? We learn to create emotional safety is the right answer.

The amazing secret that most people don’t know about creating healthy love and relationships that work is that when you create a foundation of safety and security… for you and your partner… your freedom levels RISE!

Start with the commitment to have each other’s backs… But what does this really mean? It’s not a verbal declaration.  Commitment actually requires daily action and often daily recommitment to the same goal and purpose.  This then creates and results in dependability:

→ Dependability creates stability and individual independence
→ Dependability creates stability which equals freedom
→ Define dependability… I got your back… 100% every time.
This creates security and this protects your love. 

That’s THE secret to power couples and couples that experience extraordinary love… they have strong roots, oak tree type… (one of the strongest trees) their foundation is rock solid and THAT is what allows them to SOAR individually and together as a couple

They have taken the time to build this foundation,
through commitment and dependability. 

To tune into each other and make sure they have established a routine of taking care of their partners NEEDS as well as their own…

Most of us can be too impatient or don’t know HOW to create this or there is one person in the relationship that wants to build on this whilst the other one is more focused on their own goals.

→ Attachment styles…come into play
→ Past wounds that havent’ been cleared come into play
→ Choosing the right partner comes into play 

You don’t FALL out of love, you grow out of it because you chose not to grow INTO a mature foundation that would protect your love, nurture it and honor it.

A great relationship is CREATED and it does require commitment and dedication. 
Reminder: When we have created a stockpile of emotional ‘junk’, instead of cleaning it up we run away from it, to someone or something else.

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